About us

We solve business problems using software in any field, both for business and for state-owned companies.

  • Custom Software Development: Throughout work, our development team will help you create the perfect project.

  • Web development: development of both large and small sites, web applications and portals with rich functionality.

    We can work together as an extended development team or provide ready-made solutions.

  • Mobile apps: world-class apps for iOS / Android.

Our company was founded in the May 2019 as a result of the separation of the development department from the Techinform company.

Our team has 11 years of application development experience, more than 300 projects have been implemented. Our teamleads have more than 16 years of experience in software development, our goal is a quality product.

The main platforms that we use in our work are Ruby on Rails and React Native.

We are working with clients from other regions, we have representatives in Moscow and USA. Projects can be implemented in the English.

Focus on client's problems.

Alexey Chernikov, CEO Techinform Soft

We accumulate experience, to improve our efficiency. We are searching new projects and technology challenges.

Techinform Soft

We'd love to work together with you.

Contact information

We have toll free phones in USA and Russia.

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Great vacancies for junior and senior developers.

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We are good mentors.

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