Web Development

Business sites, web services, corporate portals, CRM / ERP systems,
online stores selling pages, social networks.

We specialize in functionally complex and highly loaded projects.

Thanks to a combination of knowledge in the latest technologies, experience in developing client-server applications, B2B / B2C and corporate portals, sensible planning and approach to project thinking, we help our clients achieve the maximum efficiency of their business.

Development of highly loaded web projects (online services, aggregator sites, etc.)

Programming a social / MLM network, trading system

Launching an online store

Creation of an individual CRM / ERP system, with integration into your business

Creation of a corporate website with good conversion

Предложить сотрудничество

Our leading engineers have more than 15 years of experience, we carefully test the code, our goal is a quality product.

The strategic approach at the project planning stage allows us to clearly assess current needs and therefore provide an adequate assessment of development time. Terms of work are planned in advance, the actual work is carried out according to a convenient schedule.

Control and participation

You will be able to control and participate in projects through the task management system

Modern Technologies

Technologies: RubyOnRails , Java, JavaScript, Spring, Zend, Symfony, React, Vue, Docker, React Native, Kubernetes.

RDBMS: SQL, MySQL, MSSQL, Postgre, Oracle, Tomcat.

Cloud services: Amazon Web Service, Amazon EC2, Amazon VPC, Amazon S3.

We integrate your project with:

– ERP systems
– social networks
– payment gateways
– map and navigation services
– cloud computing services
– high-load systems


We offer various cooperation options for comfortable work.

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