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We solve business problems in any field
using our software.
What we do:

1) Custom software development: throughout our work, our development team will help you create the perfect project.

2) Web development: development of both large and smallwebsites, web applications and portals with rich functionality.

In addition, we can work together with you as an extended development team or provide ready-made solutions.

3) Mobile development: iOS and Android applications.

Order software development

We offer cost-effective technological solutions.

The strategic approach at the project planning stage allows us to clearly assess current needs and therefore provide an adequate assessment of development time.

Terms of work are planned in advance, the actual work is carried out according to a convenient schedule.

Our leading engineers have more than 15 years of experience in web development. We carefully test the code. Our goal is a quality product.

If you are interested in us, here is our mail and phone: info@techinform.dev and 8 800 301 601 4 (a response within 12 hours is guaranteed!)

Web solutions

Online services, sites, corporate portals, online stores, CRM/ERP systems.

Creation and management of functionally complex and highly loaded projects, including long-term projects lasting more than 12 months, thanks to the strategic approach to each project allows you to effectively cope with the tasks.

Our experience allows us to solve business problems from completely different areas, such as: creating client-server applications, b2b and enterprise portals, integrated with various services.

Mobile applications

iOS and Android native and cross-platform client-server mobile applications.

Applications can increase customer loyalty and greatly simplify feedback. In addition, this is one of the best ways to increase sales.

Individual development of a mobile application for your clients will clearly distinguish you in the market.


We develop software and user interfaces for information terminals with touch screens.

We develop an user interface, a server application (backend), we will organize a network between the terminals, install and configure the software.


Consulting, creating MVP and launching your project.

We will help you put your idea into life and make it successful. The skills of our specialists will help to add value, which you create for the world around you.

Intranet systems

Development of an internal corporate information system (intranet portal), with access only for company employees. The intranet portal allows you to automate the workflow within the company and significantly accelerate the exchange of information and protect it.

We develop intranet systems individually and for the specific goals of organizations, with integration into information systems in companies.

Information system integration

Organization of data exchange for complex information systems built from heterogeneous components on different software platforms.

The price for the development of each of the web solutions is individual

The cost of services depends on the complexity of the project and is calculated taking into account the time spent on work. We have developed our technical knowledge through continuous practical experience in the planning, management and implementation of complex enterprise applications, development, integration and support of projects.

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