Code Review (Project Audit)

Software companies often have problems with deadlines. One of the reasons is that managers and product owners don't have a good understanding of a real situation with a project.

Some times nobody really cares until it becomes obvious that there are serious problems with schedule, money or quality. And at this point it is usually too late. Consequences will be very serious.

Code review can help examine the true situation with a project, and whether the project looks to be on track to finish successfully.

Code review goals are:

  • Direct discovery of quality problems.
  • Better code quality – improve internal code quality and maintainability (readability, uniformity, understandability, etc)
  • Finding defects – improve quality regarding external aspects, especially correctness, but also find performance problems, security vulnerabilities, injected malware, etc
  • Learning/Knowledge transfer – help in transferring knowledge about the codebase, solution approaches, expectations regarding quality, etc.
  • Increase sense of team responsibility – increase a sense of collective code ownership and solidarity. Finding better solutions – generate ideas for new and better solutions and ideas that transcend the specific code at hand.
  • Complying to QA guidelines – Code reviews are mandatory in some contexts.

We can conduct independent code review, if you want.