Project specification, creating project prototypes

The terms of reference for the project are your requirements for the project and its purpose. With this document, all further work begins.

Correctly drafted terms of reference will allow you to correctly set tasks, avoid possible errors and provide legal protection.

How we take care of the success of your project:

Clear task

Developers know exactly what is required of them.

Job evaluation

We add specific metrics of the project results.


All participants are actively involved in the creation of the document.

General elements for the technical specifications:

Specification does not created without the following components:

  • Intro — Project Description
  • Project objectives
  • Functional Requirements for the user
  • Design requirements and specifications — visual presentation, wireframes for each page, design for each page
  • Diagrams or logic diagrams — for non-trivial processes, such as complex business-logic
  • Success Criteria — How to Determine the Website’s Utility Level
  • Detailed site map — architecture, often in the form of outline site content
  • Content plan — type of content and its source
  • Marketing plan
  • Maintenance of the site, otherwise support
  • Project timelines — desired completion schedule (may be in several stages for large projects)
  • Project budget