Ruby on Rails courses in Ufa

To junior web developer in 4 months

spring/summer 2021

USATU, 6th building, 406


Organizers: Techinform Soft Company with the VMiK Department of Ufa State Aviation Technical University

Course goals: Learn how to develop web applications on the Ruby On Rails framework.

Duration: 12 lectures (2 academic hours each)

Course Leader: Alexey Chernikov, 8 800 301-601-4

About the course

We will teach you the basics of creating quality web applications on Ruby on Rails, give some of ​​the best practices, culture and principles of software development, share experience in developing real world web applications.


  • Basic knowledge of the object-oriented programming.
  • A big plus will be knowledge of HTML/CSS/JavaScript, as well as some server web development technologies (PHP, Python) and DBMS (MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSql).

Registration is required.
The main channel of communications: telegram channel @TechinformBot