Real estate market monitoring service

Февраль 2018

Key features of real estate market monitoring service

  • Quantity and cost statistic forming of sold estate. Data grouping by type of quarters, their square, level, etc.
  • Fast data filtration by city, area, cadastral parcel, real estate developer, type and square of quarters.
  • Planning and forecasting of real estates sale by area, real estate developer, type and square of quarters.

Techinform developed an import data from Russia's cadastre chamber office, store it, and convert it to special format.

In the short term Techinform develop a second generation of service, and will include:

  • Automatic generation of real estate building plan of now building real estate. It helps to make more accurate forecasting of real estates sale.
  • The reliability of real estate developer forecasting.

List on sold real estate objects

Quantity and cost statistic of real estate sales

Planning and forecasting of sales

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